TackDuck is joining InVision – here is the full acquisition announcement.

Some answers to the questions that you might have. Have other questions? Ping us in the comments please!

  1. Is TrackDuck closing after joining InVision?
    Nope, it’s business as usual. All TrackDuck features, integrations and support will continue working as always.
  2. Will TrackDuck pricing change?
    Pricing will remain as it is. Right now there are no plans to change anything. And as always – if we will change something in the future, we will ask for you opinion and feedback.
  3. What will happen with my projects and other data?
    Your data and projects are safe and will remain secure in TrackDuck servers in Amazon Web Services.
  4. Will I be able to use InVision for same price of TrackDuck?
    You will have to sign up for InVision separately. InVision is free to sign up with 1 active prototype and 3 Boards as long as you need them!Maybe you’re new to TrackDuck and Invision? Sign up for a free TrackDuck trial and get a special InVision offer for new users!
  5. What’s next for TrackDuck?
    Number of web app and integration improvements according to our customer feedback. Also some exciting new stuff coming soon!
  6. How should I contact TrackDuck (support, feedback, business enquiries etc.)?
    Our contact methods remain unchanged! Either reach out to us via chat in the TrackDuck app, swing by our Help Desk or shoot us an email at [email protected]