All of your projects and teams belong to organization. Organization is a company account for which a company is billed. You can find other articles in our helpdesk which cover organization, team and project management.

This article covers:

Organization Administrators can manage all users within the organization from a Users and Roles tab in Organization Settings. It can be accessed by hovering over your name in the top-right corner and selecting Organization Settings. Below are explanation of features in each section available in Users and Roles tab.


Active users

Here you can see all the active users that are in your organization and perform the following  actions:


  • Set people as Organization Administrators or Members.
    • Organization Administrators have access to Organization Settings and Billing.
    • Depending on their role Organization Members can perform certain action within teams.
  • Remove People from organization
  • Expand Teams and see to which teams the user belongs to. There’s also remove button next to the team, which lets you to remove user from that particular team.

Invited users

Here you can see all of the invited users and perform the same actions as in Active Users list + re-send the invitations to the team.


Add team member

This section lets you add a new team member to any of your teams. Just select a team to which you wish to add a new team member, set the role, type in his email address and send the invitation. If a user is already part of your organization he’ll be added to the team automatically.


Add organization admin

This section lets you to add new Organization Administrator. Just type in the email address of the person you want to invite and press Enter/Return.


If the invited administrator is already in your TrackDuck organization he will be added as an administrator immediately and receive a notification email.


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