To change your Notification settings you need to go to your Account settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Notification settings are divided into two separate columns that do not affect each other.

Notify on task updates

If you set it to ON you’ll be informed on every action that is taken in tasks that you are mentioned in. For example if at some point task was assigned to you or you made a comment  you’ll get all future notifications about that task. E-mails informing you about new tasks will be sent in real-time whereas the e-mails on new comments will be bundled in 1 minute time frame so in the event of real-time discussion your inbox won’t get spammed. Also if you are default assignee you’ll get e-mail notifications on new Visitor Feedback.

Send Reports

Here you can choose the frequency in which reports will be sent. Reports contain detailed information on each and every task that was created in the specific project. You can set them to go off once every day, week or month. As we mentioned before – these setting will not affect your Notify on task updates preference.

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