Organization accounts

1. Creating a new Organization

  • Open TrackDuck application,
  • In top left menu Select ‘Create new organization’ in the drop down menu,
  • Enter Organization name and submit new organization.

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2. Switching between Organizations

3. Changing organization settings
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4. Organization managers

  • Navigate to “Managers” tab,
  • Add new Organization managers, who would be able to create new Teams, projects and manage organization settings.

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5. Billing and payment settings

  • Navigate to Billing tab.
  • Select the most appropriate plan for your organization.

6. Invoices

  • Navigate to “Invoices” tab,
  • Review and download your invoices.

7. Custom branding (available only for “Perching Duck” plan subscribers).

  • Navigate to “Custom Branding” tab,
  • Now you can upload logo for your organization
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Each organization can have multiple teams. Each team include members of your organization with different roles and projects the team is currently working on.

1. Creating new team

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  • Open TrackDuck application,
  • Choose organization you are working with,
  • Click “New Team” button in the left bar,
  • Enter the name for your team and add members (only Organization Managers can add new teams).


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2. Switching between teams

  • Just click on the name of the team in left bar.

3. Adding members to team

  • Click on cog icon next to the team name,
  • Invite users by sharing invitation link or by entering their email.

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There are three types of user roles in TrackDuck teams:

  1. Administrator
    Has full rights to manage all possible settings: invite and manage users, view feedback from other users, set-up integrations.
  2. Contributor
    Can view feedback from other users, change statuses of comments, etc. Contributor can not invite new users.
  3. Reporter
    Reporter can create tasks and see tasks that are assigned to them.We recommend to set this role for users who do not belong to your team, e.g. clients or freelancers. Here is a short video that explains how reporter role works, feel free to share it with new users.

You can find full list of user permissions here.



Do you still have some questions? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll answer them all.