Here are listed  types of URL addresses that you can add to TrackDuck projects and customize their workings in TrackDuck.

TrackDuck attributes URL addresses to projects according to an exact URL address that has been added to a project. For instance:

  • If is added to a project, all other websites containing, e.g.,,, etc. will be attributed to the same project and TrackDuck toolbar will show up on all of them.
  • Also, if is added to your project, all other websites containing e.g.,,, etc. will be attributed to the same project and TrackDuck toolbar will show up on them, though it will not on e.g.

If the same URL is added either with http or https, it is regarded as exactly the same URL.


However, if you want to attribute websites having the same URL to different projects in TrackDuck, there is a list of ways of how to do that.

 1. By port numbers

Port numbers have to be added in an explicit manner. Otherwise TrackDuck will not recognize them as separate URLs and TrackDuck toolbar will not show up.

For instance, if you have added to your project, you should write in order to attribute the latter URL to a different project.

2. By paths

3. By port numbers and paths

4. By ports, paths and subdomains

5. By Nth level domain names


 Locahost hostnames

TrackDuck supports locahost hostnames.  In order to attribute locahost  hostnames to different projects,  they should also be split by either a port number e.g.:


or by a path, e.g.:



IP addresses

TrackDuck supports IPv4  addresses (you may need to use an IP address if you do not have a domain name, for instance). IP addresses can be attributed to different projects in the same way as locahost is, by specifying a port number, e.g.:

specifying a path, e.g.:

or by specifying both a port number and a path, e.g.:


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