Before integrating TrackDuck with GitHub you have to have at least one project in TrackDuck and at least one repository in GitHub. If you do not have any projects in TrackDuck yet, then add your first project; also, if you do not have any repositories in GitHub yet, then create your first repository and then proceed with the instruction.

In order to integrate TrackDuck with GitHub, please, follow these steps:

1. Go to you TrackDuck account and select a project that you want to integrate with GitHub. Select  Project Settings, then Integrations, find and select the integration with GitHub.


2. Press Enable Integration on the right.



3. Now you are directed to GitHub. Press Authorize Application in the bottom in order to authorize TrackDuck to have an access to your GitHub repository. See if organizations that you wish to connect are in the list and have a green tick besides them. If no. Grant access.

4. Enter your GitHub password and press Confirm password in order to proceed .



5. Now your are directed back to the TrackDuck application. Select an organization and its repository according to GitHub that you want to integrate TrackDuck with. Then press Start Data Synchronization.



6. Congratulations! You have successfully integrated TrackDuck with GitHub. Now all task of the selected TrackDuck project will be synced to the selected GitHub repository.




Do you still have some questions? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll answer them all.