The following are recommendations if you are experiencing problems while installing or after the installation of TrackDuck extension for Firefox. Please, read the following cases and take the necessary steps.

In Firefox extensions are called add-ons.

1. If you have installed TrackDuck Firefox extension successfully, but cannot see it in the toolbar as it is shown in the picture, you can do the following:

31. Check if your Firefox browser is up to date
2. Make sure that in the Firefox browser settings History is set to Remember history
3. Add the TrackDuck extension icon to your Firefox browser toolbar


2. If you are experiencing issues while installing TrackDuck Mozilla Firefox extension:1
1. Download the extension here
2. Then type about:addons in the Firefox address bar and click Install


Manually unblocking add-on signing in Firefox

Due to recent Firefox updates all browser add-ons must be signed by Firefox. Until we go through the review process here’s how you can turn off add-on singing:

-type about:config in the address bar
-click I’ll be careful, I promise! button (reading the text is highly recommended)
-copy this text into search bar xpinstall.signatures.required
-right click on the xpinstall.signatures.required line and press Toggle.

Here’s a short step by step video.

Do it at your own risk as it will turn off add-on signing for all of your add-ons. Changing this setting can be harmful to your browser security.

We are continuously working to improve TrackDuck‘s Firefox extension. If you need to get an urgent task done, you can also consider using TrackDuck extensions for Chrome or Safari browsers.


Do you still have some questions? Drop us a line at and we’ll answer them all.