Get PREMIUM TrackDuck $19.00 monthly plan for FREE – 1 month for every registered friend!

We have started a program for you and your friends to get more from TrackDuck than ever before. Now you can benefit from introducing TrackDuck to your friends. With the friend referral program you will get 1 month of the PREMIUM TrackDuck plan for every new registered friend. Make your communication process easier by using TrackDuck.

Step by step:

1. Get a unique referral link from referral page

2. Share the link with your friends – you can post it in all your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.), simply send by email or drop it in chat for your colleagues. The link will look something like this:

Referral Program link

TrackDuck Referral Program link

3. Your friend opens the link and signs up for TrackDuck. They will need to confirm their email for you to get your 1 month credit.

4. For every person who registered and confirmed their email you will automatically have 1 month of TrackDuck’s Premium plan added to your account.


For example,

6 of your friends opened the link and registered. For that you would get half a year of TrackDuck for free, right away, with all the features and existing integrations.


Do you still have some questions? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll answer them all.