Contributors are participants in a project. They are allowed to create issues and leave comments. You can find users and their roles in projects in the section Settings, the sub-section Users and roles.



There are three types of user roles in TrackDuck:

  1. Administrator
    Has full rights to manage all possible settings: invite and manage users, view feedback from other users, set-up integrations.
  2. Contributor
    Can view feedback from other users, change statuses of comments, etc. Contributor can not invite new users.
  3. Reporter
    Reporter can create tasks and see tasks that are assigned to them.We recommend to set this role for users who do not belong to your team, e.g. clients or freelancers. Here is a short video that explains how reporter role works, feel free to share it with new users.


You can invite new users by email or by a permalink from TrackDuck dashboard (Settings, Users and roles)



or toolbar:




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