There are two ways of how you can work with TrackDuck:

Installing TrackDuck browser extension

Installing TrackDuck browser extension is an easy way so start working with TrackDuck. TrackDuck has extensions for Google Chrome and Safari. Having any of the extension installed increases quality of screenshots taken of images and websites of your projects in TrackDuck.

The instruction of how to install the extension is here.

Inserting TrackDuck JavaScript code

If you want to be able to use TrackDuck to the fullest, insert JavaScript code in to a website of your project. This way, besides being able to leave comments on images and websites of your project, you will also be able to use visitors feedback widget which allows any visitors of your website to leave comments anywhere that only you will see.

The instruction of how to insert TrackDuck JavaScript code is here.


In addition, you can have TrackDuck browser extension installed and TrackDuck JavaScript code inserted at the same time.



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